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Thread: Falcon 9: Crew Dragon DM-1 - uncrewed test flight to ISS (DM-2 in 2019!)

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    Default Falcon 9: Crew Dragon DM-1 - uncrewed test flight to ISS (DM-2 in 2019!)

    Here. We. Go.

    Space News...

    Crew Dragon completes thermal vacuum tests ahead of first test flight

    CINCINNATI — The first SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft has completed a series of tests at a NASA center that may put the spacecraft one step closer to an uncrewed test flight later this year.

    In a speech at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ Propulsion and Energy Forum here July 9, Janet Kavandi, director of NASA’s Glenn Research Center, said the spacecraft recently left the center’s Plum Brook Station after a series of thermal vacuum and acoustics tests.

    “They just left yesterday or today,” she said in her remarks at the conference. “They’ve been out there twice, at least, at Plum Brook Station.” She didn’t disclose the outcome of the tests, and SpaceX did not respond to an email requesting comment on the status of the test.

    The company previously indicated that the testing at Plum Brook was the last milestone before the spacecraft was shipped to Florida for final testing and integration with its Falcon 9 rocket. “Once complete, Crew Dragon will travel to Kennedy Space Center in Florida ahead of its first flight,” the company said in a June 20 Instagram post about the tests that were ongoing at Plum Brook.

    Jessica Jensen, director of Dragon mission management at SpaceX, also said the Plum Brook tests were the last before the spacecraft is shipped to Florida for launch. “Once it leaves Plum Brook, it’s going to come down to Cape Canaveral for final launch processing,” she said at a June 28 briefing at the Kennedy Space Center about the launch of a Dragon cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station.
    The test flight astronauts for Crew Dragon and Boeing's StarLiner. No flight assignments yet.

    Crew Dragon DM-1 vehicle

    Diameter: 3.7 m (12 ft) with Trunk
    Height: 8.1 m (27 ft) with Trunk
    Pressurized volume: 10 m3 (350 cu/ft)
    Unpressurized volume (Trunk): 14 m3 (490 cu/ft)

    Same DM-1 vehicle minus the nose cone, thermal panel bolt sealant and Trunk thermal radiator covers.

    Crew Dragon launch abort system test flight. 8 SuperDraco engines, arranged in redundant pairs with fratricide protection and multi-redundant plumbing. Full thrust in 100ms.

    SuperDraco thrust (each): 71,000 N (16,000 lbf)

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