Not Space Corps, a new command in the Air Force, but a Space Force - the 6th branch of the US military.

Trump didn't start this - it's been brewing since the 1980's - the question being "when?" and "how?" rather than "if."

Threats are emerging fast, with little news coverage, and our commercial space capabilities are also expanding into forms usable by MilSpace.

Space News....

What would the mission of the United States Space Force be?

President Trump’s recent directive to the Defense Department to create a new branch of the military, a United States Space Force, was not an idle musing. Trump’s proposal derives from a growing debate inside military and political circles about how to best meet the threat posed to American space assets by potential enemies: Russia and China, to be precise.

Pentagon officials are sounding the alarm that the United States is not ready for a space war. The other two great space powers have been creating the weapons to achieve an orbital Pearl Harbor, the destruction of satellites that provide the military with communications, navigation, and intelligence capabilities it will need in a war.
Short version (not all from Space News)


Defending the US, allies and their space assets from space-based threats, which are already emerging.

Identifying, tracking and cleaning up space junk - derelict satellites, launch and collision debris etc.

With other nations and companies; a space-faring version of the Coast Guard providing rescue services, enforcing space law, and helping to arbitrate disputes among nations and private entities beyond the Earth.

Planetary defense - detecting and mitigating incoming or high risk asteroids, comets etc.