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    Default raspberry pi!

    Well, after years of consideration (yes, I'm like that), I decided to buy a Raspberry Pi... I went for the latest 3B+. I still need to get a case but will have to order that one next week due to easter holidays here. Being here in Spain gets a bit boring, especially in the weekends when the weather is bad (since early December nothing but clouds and rain) and with the easter holidays giving an extra 2 free days, I figured I may as well order me a toy. I can use my usb keyboard/mouse and my TV, so I do not need much to get started. The reason I finally went for it is that I found a few interesting projects that I would like to try.

    1. Loxberry, which is meant to complement the heart of my home automation system (Loxone) and increase functionality.
    2. Stratux, a ADS-B / gps receiver, which would allow me to use my old iPad for inflight navigation with visualization of traffic.
    3. TV backend server

    Particularly the second project is appealing to me: I just came across good flight navigation software for iPad and while it works, the fact that my iPad lacks a gps makes it rather useless. I just got the raspberry, so for this project on the list I would need to get a usb gps receiver and a rtl-sdr radio to receive ads-b. This radio can be a simple usb dvb-t receiver. The adsb/gps feed to the iPad goes via wifi and is compatible with different software packages and quite standard so there even are some Android softwares that can use it (for sure it can be usable later on). I was not thinking about the TV server first, but the ADS-B receiver uses a dvb-t compatible radio, so it became something to test. If it all works, I could get more Raspberry devices for dedicated purposes. It would be nice to also add a touchscreen in the mix for the Loxberry and make it double as a central control point (all it needs is to run an web browser, as both my Loxone and my music server have webinterfaces).

    I might try some network/cloud storage thing (but that seems straight forward, not sure it if is performing enough to be usable). Or I might try to put my music server on it (Logitech Music Server, currently it is on a pc, which uses wake-on-lan). A challenge would be to combine some functionalities (e.g. loxberry + music server + control point) which is what I want to try... Depending on what works and how it works, I could always buy more raspberry's (e.g. dedicated for the ads-b thing, a pi zero w suffices even).

    Any other interesting Raspberry Pi things you guys now of?

    edit: it just arrived by courier. Surprised how small it is... I mean, you see the photos and have reference due to the usb and ethernet ports, but still it is smaller than I anticipated...
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