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Thread: Falcon 9: Iridium NEXT #5 (LEO commsats)

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    Default Falcon 9: Iridium NEXT #5 (LEO commsats)

    Too late in the morning to frighten those twitchy Los Angelenos with a light show.

    The first Falcon 9 Flight Proven launch was on March 30, 2017 (SES-10.) There will have been 21 missions since then with 10, 47.6%, using Flight Proven cores. Economic case closed.

    Matt Desch ✓ @IridiumBoss (CEO)
    Iridium network update: our first 2 drifters from Launch 1 (105 & 108) were activated today, bringing the total to 34 Iridium NEXT sats now in operation (over 50% of 66 in constellation!). 3 more drifters also planned to be in service before next launch on March 29. Onward!

    Satellites: 10 Iridium NEXT commsats (#41-50)
    Mass: 8,600kg + 1,000kg dispenser
    Launch orbit: 625km, 86.66°
    Operational orbit: 778km, 86.4°

    Date: March 29, 2018
    Time: 0419.49 ET, 0719.49 PT (1419.49 UT)
    Pad: Vandenberg AFB SLC-4W
    Core: 1041.2 (Iridium NEXT #21-30)
    Recovery: no

    From this launch through April be prepared for a Run & Gun stretch,

    Iridium NEXT #5 (this launch)
    Dragon CRS-14 to ISS
    Bangabandhu-1 commsat (Falcon 9 Block 5 #1)
    Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (NASA)
    Iridium NEXT #6/GRACE-FO*

    * Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On
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