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Thread: Feels like it's 20 years ago!

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    Default Feels like it's 20 years ago!

    Decided to round up my Matrox cards and do a mass benchmark and walk down memory lane

    PCI original Mystique, Millennium G200, Millennium G400, Parhelia and a couple of weird 'modern' quad output ones.

    Fantastic memories of 3dmark, different AGP slots, fighting with drivers, instability of Win98 (compared to modern Windows 7/10), seeing big quality differences in 2D between graphics cards (all modern ones are just great), tech demos, special patches for certain cards for certain games, overheating AMD Athlons, overclocking 333 to 500Mhz PIIs and so on.

    I feel like I'm 18 years old again haha

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    I have Millennium PCI, 2 G400s and Parhelia. I too thought of doing this but I'm too busy to maintain even my primary computer sometimes.

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    I still have a Parhelia in operation (!), a G550 in a computer I haven't booted up in years (Pentium II-450) and an original Mystique pci in a box... And still am tempted to put that latter card in a pc just to see if it would work...
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