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Thread: Atlas V: Boeing Starliner OFT (un-crewed test flight)

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    Default Atlas V: Boeing Starliner OFT (un-crewed test flight)

    Commercial Crew: Boeing StarlinerOFT (un-crewed test flight to ISS)

    Launch Readiness Review completed

    Date: December 20, 2019
    Time: 0636 Eastern (1136 UT)
    Pad: KSC LC-41 (ULA's pad)

    Roll-out and integration

    The cylindrical skirt below the spacecraft's service module is intended to protect the soda-can thin Centaur upper stage tanks from being crushed by hypersonic shockwaves, something discovered in the wind tunnel. Boeing did paper milestones first, waiting to cut, bend & test metal.

    The 13,000 kg Starliner will be the heaviest payload ever orbited by Atlas V, the previous record being a 7,492 kg Cygnus cargo vehicle.

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