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Thread: SpaceX 'StarLink' broadband satellite service [Starlink 1 launch - WEBCAST]

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    StarLink v1.0 is heavier than Starlink v0.9

    v0.9: 230kg
    v1.0: 260kg

    + Krypton for the thrusters

    Date: November 11
    Time: 0956 EST (1456 GMT)

    Backup date: November 12
    Time: 0934 EST (1434 GMT)

    Stage recovery: ASDS (OCISLY)
    Fairing recovery: T+45 min (Ms Tree, Ms Chief)

    Deployment altitude: 280km

    From the press kit

    Since the most recent launch of Starlink satellites in May, SpaceX has increased spectrum capacity for the end-user through upgrades in design that maximize the use of both Ka and Ku bands. Additionally, components of each satellite are 100% demisable and will quickly burn up in Earths atmosphere at the end of their life cyclea measure that exceeds all current safety standards.


    Starlink-1 (800).jpg
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