Just watched a few movies in the last couple of days, and thought it may be interesting to share opinions on movies: most people here have some similar interests and maybe even similar taste. I watched the movies from TV recordings, so they are not the most recent ones. Feel free to add movies you saw to the list.
I'll start.

The astronaut farmer: A nice, calm movie of a farmer (former test pilot) who wants to go to space and thus builds his own rocket. Entertaining, keeps you wondering if he is crazy or not and if he will try to launch or not (or where the story goes), and very well made and acted. The story is perhaps a bit naive, simplistic and lacks depth; the characters could be developed a bit further but it is ok. A few plot holes and a few missed opportunities, but overall good cinema fun.

The maze runner: A dystopian movie, where a group of young people with no memory live in a small area surrounded by a labyrinth. The story follows the perspective of one of them. The story is quite simple and not much is happening in character development, mainly perhaps because the characters do not know who they are or why they are there. This mystery is kept very long in the movie and only slowly new knowledge emerges. Near the end everything suddenly goes much faster and some answers are given (along with a few more questions). This is the first of a trilogy, with the second part already out and the third part set to come out in 2018-9, so take that in mind when you want to watch it: the end is open still with unanswered questions (I hope it won't be like Lost, that they add so much questions that it is difficult to come up with a satisfactory explanation). It is IMO beautifully made, with a very believable scenery and quite well executed special effects, often using sound and suggestion rather than directly showing things. Quite enjoyable, my girlfriend thought it went a bit too slow in the beginning.

Knowing: Nicolas Cage as a scientist who comes across a 50 year old piece of paper with numbers that foretell major disasters, and of course the last numbers refer to upcoming dates. Quite a "typical knowing the future but it gives frustrations and what to do" type of movie, but well made. Some of the scenes were overly explaining things that were obvious or should have been left to the viewer's imagination. Scenes were well made, atmosphere was well created although it sometimes felt a bit uninspired and just used very common and simple means to e.g. add tension. To some extent enjoyable but nothing surprising or special. IMO the worst of the three here.