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Thread: Kali linux for security and ethical hacking

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    Default Kali linux for security and ethical hacking

    Past two weeks I toot ethical hacking course where we mainly worked with Kali linux VM. You can do many interesting things: generate exploit payloads, set up proxies, capture and modify packets, sniff wireless (add USB WiFi card to VM), crack WEP and dictionary attack WPA, crack password hashes, scan for vulnerabilities, get network statisttics, dissasemble Android apps.

    It's Debian based. Coolest course I took this year.

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    I used Kali for a networking security class a year or two ago. It's an amazing tool for offensive security. Thus their motto...

    One of these days I'm going to run a full network penetration test against my home network. Put my security to the test
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    I had Kali running on my laptop until I let my friend use it. Come to think about it I haven't seen that laptop in years, hope it's still running good, it's been upgraded as much as it can be, an asus barebone.
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