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Thread: Photosynthesis from space

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    Default Photosynthesis from space

    Plants grown and sustain themselves through photosynthesis—a seemingly invisible process that converts sunlight into energy. Now, NASA scientists have developed a way to measure photosynthesis from satellites with unprecedented detail.

    When plants photosyntehsize, they actually re-emit some of the light they absorb as a faint but measurable glow called fluorescence. The more healthy the plant, the greater the amount of light re-emitted. Now, a team from the Goddard Space Flight Center has created maps of fluorescence that are 16 times more accurate than any that have gone before.
    This Is What Photosynthesis Looks Like From Space
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    If we ever get images of exoplanetary discs this could be useful in searching for exobiology similar to ours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rakido View Post
    a seemingly invisible process that converts sunlight into energy.
    What a silly mistake. They forgot to add chemical before energy.
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