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Thread: Michigan expands Charter Schools

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    Default Michigan expands Charter Schools

    Charter School: primary or secondary schools that receive public funds (and private donations) but are not subject to much of the bureaucratic overhead present in conventional public schools. This is in exchange for accountability in terms of producing producing results-oriented goals defined in the school's charter.

    Operationally they work much more like a private school and are often sponsored by universities, colleges or, in the case of technical schools, industry. Charter schools can be unisex, targeted (Science & Math, Arts, Technical etc.) or conventional in focus.

    With some of the nonsense seen in public schools (inability to fire ineffective teachers, curricula bloated with fluff etc.) there are waiting lists for many of the existing Michigan charter schools.

    Detroit Free Press.....

    Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signs law lifting charter school limits

    Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation today removing the cap on the number of charter schools allowed to operate in Michigan, ending a debate that began soon after the independent, public schools were first authorized in 1994.

    The legislation lifts the cap on schools authorized by universities, the primary charter school authorizer in Michigan, from its current 150 to 300 in 2012 and 500 in 2014, after which it will be removed entirely.

    Snyder said the changes will give students and parents “good choices,” and result in “a program of quality.” The legislation also provides new reporting and accountability standards for charters, which receive per pupil state aid but operate independently of traditional public schools.

    Charter expansion, backed by advocates who pointed to high demand and waiting lists at existing schools, was bitterly opposed by most of the state public school groups, especially the teachers unions, who argued that it would drain resources from community schools.

    Snyder rejected that notion
    , arguing that charters are a valuable alternative for students whose needs are not being met in traditional schools. The governor said his goal is to have successful schools of every variety, leading to high graduation rates and post-secondary education and career readiness.
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    Interesting to see how it goes. Down my way the Gov has just announced it's going to setup a trail of charter schools. Needless to say that the teachers unions and the left are dead against it..

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