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Thread: Windows 7 Sp1 available to public

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    Exclamation Windows 7 Sp1 available to public

    Should show up in in windows update.

    I had one success installing on htpc.

    But had miserable failure's on my main machine.

    First issue was something about being unable to access system volume information.
    error 0x800f0a12.

    Just assigning a drive letter to the extra system volume created when win 7 installed on my ssd seems to have got the service pack to attemptan install,but on reboot I get

    Failure configuring Service Pack
    Reverting changes.

    Several reboots later it manages to get back to pre SP1 state reporting error 0x80004005

    windows update log shows failed sp1 install with
    error 80242014

    ...any Ideas?
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    Here's what worked for me.
    1, try with windows update along with a bunch of other updates - looks good, runs fast - but fails the sp1 update, the others succeed.
    2, try with windows update by itself - looks good, runs fast - but fails
    3, try to get manual download - I have to run validation manually because the validator fails silently in the browser. turns out it's so big I change my mind.
    4, run in windows update again - looks good, takes a LONG time - success!

    Could be the web validator is broken, and the manual validation (paste in the code from the exe) set a flag in the registry?
    Could be the download was failing I don't know

    Anyway third time was the charm.
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    Smile Mine went OK

    ...mine went smooth!

    I use a hardware based disk duplicator..Aleratec HDD Copy Cruiser Mini. I purchased two identical drives(WD Black Ed. 1TB) some time back and every so often after changes, software installs and updates I will duplicate the current drive and then run on the "target drive". I use this product to swap drives back and forth.

    After running this configuration(SP1 plus other updates I have installed since the last duplication) for a few days to see if everything is OK I will duplicate this drive using it as the "Source Drive" and when it is done I will install the target disk and start the process over again.

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    Likewise my update went smooth.
    I downloaded the 1.9GB ISO and installed without an issue.

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    I got through the 0x800f0a12 error using the drive letter thingy but the SP keeps reverting on reboot.

    Tried to do a repair/uupgrade install but the installer keeps complaining it can't determine if bitlocker is in use, hello its windows bitlocker... This Sp sucks

    and the logs for the sp install keep getting overwritten when it does a rollback...this is a complete lose

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    SP1 went on smoth on the laptop, desktop and server.
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    Installed with no problems. I'm just slipstreaming it into original Win7 image.

    For those who are interested in having Win7SP1 install disc, use RT Seven Lite:


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    Same here - installed just fine through Windows update.

    Before the install I checked my registry with PC Cleaner and then ran "sfc /scannow" in a cmd promt window as admin to see if I was missing any system files.

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    Mine had no issues.
    Started the d/l last nite b4 bed, when I got home after work tonight, it was installed...
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    Did a clean install in VMs first: no issues found.

    Upgraded on one 64 bit workstation/ Installed 64 bit clean on another: No Issues.
    Upgraded Server 2008 R2 Domain controller: No issues.
    Upgraded Storage Server 2008 R2: No issues.

    Pending: Upgrade 32bit workstation
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    After a reboot, it got stuck at on part of the update. I had to reinstall from scratch. Wanted to do that anyway eventually. Install worked fine aon a fresh machine.

    Mmm. Backups good.

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