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Thread: Flashing bios on be6 II mobo

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    First you need to run the file that ends with exe. TO do this just start up in dos using your newly formatted (copy system files only) floppy. Type in the name of the exe file and the computer will run it.

    Next you will need to run the abitfae program with the newly created bin file as the second half of the command. In your case you should put:

    abitfae beh_qj.bin

    wait for the thing to do it's thing and then reboot. Don't reboot until it says. There are extensive instructions on the abt website telling you exactly what to do so print them off and use them as a guide.

    Don't blame me if it gos bang though eh?

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    Thanks i will give it a go

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    Oh no got another problem now.
    After executing the behqj.exe file at the A:,it starts to do it's stuff.
    Then i get a message saying there is a broken file.
    followed by the A:
    So i quit and downloaded the files again with the same results.
    Any ideas on how to proceed ?

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    Question Flashing bios on be6 II mobo

    Hi there, i hope someone can help me out with this.
    I have never done this before.
    I have got as far as downloading the new bios
    called BEHQJ.EXE and the AWDFLASH.EXE and the ABITFAE.BAT.
    I have put theese on to a newly formatted floppy.
    Then i reboot in to dos.
    And log on to a:
    This is as far as i can get succesfully.
    I dont understand what the instructions mean by "execute the exe file to be a BIN file"
    Or the next part of typing it tells me to do,
    which is just type ABITFAE ***_**.BIN where (*) is the bin file
    How do i know what the bin file is ?
    There example is bh6_jj.bin.
    Would mine be BE6 or BE6II but then i dont know what i put in place of the JJ.
    Sorry if this a bit long winded or confusing.
    But as you can see i need sorting out
    I know the principle of how to do it.
    Its the commands and when and where to type them and what to type i am not sure of.
    So if you can help me out that would be fantastic.

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    Hello Gorf ! Try to download the Bios files from a another server ! I had the same problem with the european one !

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    Indeed, the file on the european server is not good, it's only half. Get it from the american server, that one is good.

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    Thumbs up

    Thank's guys i will give that a go

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    Great news all systems are Go !!!
    Thanks very much to you all.
    Without your help i would have got nowhere.

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