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Thread: Disk Error Problem

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    Default Disk Error Problem

    I am getting an error message "Disk in drive D not formatted ......... I still see the drive in "My computer and in BIOS.
    Restarting my computer will clear the error and the hard disk will be functioning normally.
    The error will appear again after switching off my PC and leaving it off for some time.
    Would this be a sign of HDD begining to fail ?
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    I would replace it.

    Or try to scan it to fix possible filesystem errors.

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    I did scan it for errors but have not found any.
    I now have checked the IDE cable and re pluged it. I have removed that drive some time ago, to check another drive. Perhaps there was a contact problem. I'll see how it goes now ! I have all the files on a backup drive so I'm not all that worried.
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    Boot sector or MBR (master boot record) is going funny ?

    Have had it happen a few times with USB external IDE drives.....They just give up the ghost one day...

    CHKDSK or a complete reformat with the manufacturers tool.
    WD, Seagate and Maxtor have their own tools that fix errors on the disk, and they are usually fine afterwards....

    edit : in any case, i wouldn't put important data on there
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    @Evildead666, So far I had no problems after unpluging and repluging the IDE cable.
    It could have been a contact problem, after removing the drive. However I'm not taking chances. I have backed all the files on another drive.
    I'll try and find the Maxtor tools and have them ready just as a last hope if I get the error again.
    We pass this way only once. Make the most of it !

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