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Thread: What upgrade ?

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    Question What upgrade ?

    I'm considering upgrading my current system.

    I'm planning to get a Coppermine 500, and I'm wondering what MB to get.

    I've narrowed it down to 2 options:

    1) Abit BE6-II

    The good old BX chipset, combined with 1 MHz steps in FSB, I think my RAM can manage about 130 MHz, giving me a speed of
    about 650 MHz

    2) Abit VA-6

    VIA's new chipset will let me clock my RAM
    at FSB - 33 MHz, so I should get up to
    around 750 MHz

    Now I know that the VIA has lower memory speed (I'm not taking MHz here, clock for clock it's slower), but will the increased CPU speed compensate for this ?

    I'm rather inclined to upgrade, as I can get it for FREE by selling off some left over bits (Celery 300+BH6+HDD+Fury)

    P3 500@560, 192 MB ram, G400 16SH

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    I'd go with the BE6-II. I have had nothing but success with the BX chipset - currently running 133FSB with my PIII-450 - giving me 600Mhz. No problems. Am waiting for my 700e to try and reach 933Mhz...


    I've had no experience with VIA's VA chipset, so I am biased...

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    I would have to agree. Seams to be big problems with the VIA chipsets when setting the FSB high. It seams the AGP/PCI divider wont kick in at 133 FSB, unless you chip is a native 133 FSB chip... check out the reviews of boards using this chipset at anandtech. I was going to get one to try to get my 450 running at 600, but after hearing this im not to sure...

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