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Thread: Winter Photographs

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    Default Winter Photographs

    Lets see how murcers are doing in their parts of the world. I have been stuck and stranded in ice two days in a row. didn't have electric for 5 hours, make that 5 days for my parents.

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    btw, does anyone get Cowboys and Indians magazine?

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    Oooh. Lovely pics Lizzie.

    Cowboys and Indians? US only?


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    I think it might be

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    I had to get my shoes wet for this one than got back to my vehicle and was stuck in the ice for 2 hours before i was rescued. What a nightmare.

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    Thanks Lizzie. Those are great

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    We didn't get anything that day, no snow, no rain & no ice.

    Great pics!

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    Great photos! We've dodged the nasty stuff so far, hopefully it stays that way.

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    This is late Autumn shot to be honest, but I think still qualifies...

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    Default Very cold here 16 in the morning

    Celsius that is
    I am unable to uplaod a recent image i took even though it is within the guidelines
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    Great photos. I like the 2nd and the 9th (both frozen fruits) from Lizzie and the first two from Jon P. Inghram.

    I also have problems with file uploading. It keeps saying unvalid image file. The link seems to be dead.

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