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Thread: I need a new mobo - what should I get?

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    Cool I need a new mobo - what should I get?

    Hi Guys!

    Just switched from an ATI Rage Fury to a new G400 Max, and Im quite happy about it too. The thing is this, I have an Aopen AX63 mobo with the VIA chipset. I get pretty lousy benchmark scores with this config and I have been told that it is the VIA that is almost pure crap.
    So...Im thinking of replaing my mobo for something real. What should I get - what works best with the G400 MAX?

    Asus P3-C perhaps?

    Happy Christmas


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    HI Kristian

    Getting a new mobo, splash out on an ABIT BE6-II. I installed mine yesterday and ALL of my G400Max problems have gone, HOORAY.

    Over the christmas period I will be overclocking my P3-500, its just sooooo easy to do.

    n.b. If you haven't got any ISA cards and UDMA drives, you could consider the ABIT BF6. Also look at for reviews of a whole host of other boards.

    Good Hunting.


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    I just put an ABit BF6 in mine & I like it a lot. ABits ar especialy good for overclocking.
    You will find commited ASUS users here too. (At least, I think they should be committed )
    Be sure to shop for price on the internet. Prices for these things can vary $30 from store to store.


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