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Thread: How to modify mobo BIOS?

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    Default How to modify mobo BIOS?

    Does anyone know where to find a proggie with what you can edit/replace the Energy Star-logo that shows when booting up? I don't feel like editing the file manually and then flashing it..

    BTW I have Award BIOS.


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    When I had a QDI's mobo QDI had it's own program to change that. Have you cheked mobo's manufactures site?


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    It's an Asus and they don't seem to have such a tool, unless one can do that with DMI Configuration util they have..?


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    You can't Buuri, but if you don't like the logo (btw, do you see it so many times a day?? ), leave your monitor off until you really know you passed the POST...


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    Well.. no, but it's cool..


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    You could edit the binary and reflash, but I have no idea what the offset is for the BMP and you would probably have to replace it with something else that did not crash the BIOS.

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    Search for a prog named cbrom...
    it works with award...

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    Have you done this yourself?
    I got the program but when I tried to extract the logo I got an error stating that no Logo ROM exists. I believe that this means those full screen logos that are present in some Intel boards, I don't think that my P5A's BIOS supports this. Anyway that wasn't what I was after in a first place..

    Can anyone help?


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    You have to copy your bios to a file first!
    then you can insert or extrakt the logo!

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    I think you misunderstood me. According to CBROM130 there is no logo. These are the ROM modules my BIOS has
                  ********    1007A.BIN BIOS component ********
     No. Item-Name         Original-Size   Compressed-Size Original-File-Name 
      0. System BIOS       20000h(128.00K)147DAh(81.96K)original.tmp
      1. NCR ROM           08000h(32.00K)04FCAh(19.95K)pci32.rom
      2. EPA pattern       00642h(1.56K)002A1h(0.66K)awardepa.epa
      3. ACPI table        024FEh(9.25K)00B27h(2.79K)ACPITBL.BIN
      4. VRS ROM           02086h(8.13K)01351h(4.83K)cav_shdw.bin
    and while there is no Logo module there, it cannot be extracted. (by /logo extract)

    Like I stated before, I believe these logos mean those full screen logos that are present in some mobos. I wanted to edit the Energy Star logo.
    However if you know that I can insert a full screen logo, tell me what's the file format for it? 8-bit palette BMP?


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    I don't know much about your "problem" but from the sceen dump above I would think it the:
    2. EPA pattern 00642h(1.56K)002A1h(0.66K)awardepa.epa

    In my BIOS I have the option to turn on/off boot logo (including energy star).

    Hope this help you track it down.

    Mark F.

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    Give Mark F a star in the book!

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    Dare I even ask if anyone knows it's format?


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