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Thread: Comments on an Asus P2B-F

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    Default Comments on an Asus P2B-F

    I'm considering buying this Motherboard for this price of 114.99 pounds (sterling)

    do any of you people use this mobo, and if so, what do you think about it? and is that a good price for it?




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    That's a bit expensive. You can get a P3B-F for 102.

    aka Chris H

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    I don't have the -F model, but my P2B has been fast and stable. Had a prob, got a replacement under warranty(including install)
    and all has been well. I paid $272.50 Canadian back in Oct 98. But maybe the P3B is better and probably not too much more money. Check out what's new and weigh the options. I think that SoftMenu is cool, so if I needed a new one I would prolly go for the P3B tho... Hope it helps

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    I have had an AsusP2B-L since Aug98 and it
    has worked PERFECTLY! It is a very stable
    motherboard that also has an on board 100/10Mbps LAN for my cable modem.
    As long as I own a computer, I will always
    have an Asus MB.

    If you find the P3B-F for a price close to the P2B-F, definitely go for the P3B-F, as it has a "JumperFreeBios" for easy CPU overclocking.

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    The P3B-F is currently selling here in Kingston for 190-195 $CAN. at Starlight Computers.

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