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    Default Media reporting on the Internet

    Certainly the BBC journalists need educating. Certainly on what the differance is between a hit and a visit.

    Early on this year they were throwing there hands up in the air in horror. This over the number of hits a web site designed to attract Child perverts was getting. The numbers were in the thousands but not much more. Even the Police Officer seems to need educating as it he was shaking his head in horror.

    This week another site that had been setup by School Kids to ridicule a fellow pupil was taken down. This hate site was very popular getting a total of 500 hits according to the presenter.

    Now anyone who's looked at logs of there websites can see you can get some very strange hits. Some will be typo's some will only be known by the spider doing the search.

    As for a site being popular I wouldn't call my website popular even if it does get 380,000 hits a month. But by the Beeb journalist I must be a superstar.

    500 hits isn't popular period and a few thousand hits isn't massive either. Perhaps they ought too look at the number of visits instead and then how long they stay there. Then throw the hands up in horror. However I suppose 10 pervs hanging round a website isn't really newsworthy.
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    1 perv is newsworthy, if he gets stopped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Ellis
    1 perv is newsworthy, if he gets stopped.
    Considering the population who've got access to the Internet one isn't noteworthy.
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    500 visits to a homepage whose audience is only one school is newsworthy, if it's really visits and not only spider hits.

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