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Thread: Windows Server 2003 CAL question

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    Default Windows Server 2003 CAL question

    Hey all, small question about Windows 2003 CAL licensing.

    I've heard that CALs have a lifespan to them (as in the license will eventually expire!). Does anyone know if this is true, and if it is true, how long do they last?

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    I thought they were yearly.

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    ?!?!!?! What. The OEM ones don't expire.

    Check with microsoft licencing team.

    I think there are various flavours of CAL, though device / user are the only ones I have heard of so far.
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    As Fluff says, it depends on the type of CAL license. OEM and Retails I'm sure do not expire. Enterprise licenses will probably expire, depending on the type and length of volume license contract you have. If you have a stand-alone WinS2k3 Enterprise Edition server the licenses won't expire. But if you have a corporate network on an Ent. lease or license agreement, your licenses need to be renewed after a certain amount of time.


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