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Thread: Why golf is getting so popular....

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    Default Why golf is getting so popular....

    Wonder if this helps a golfers "strokes"?
    Washington Post;

    On the Green In the Buff

    By Richard Leiby
    Wednesday, September 15, 2004; Page D03

    Naked golf: It's not an Olympic sport yet, but a tabloid TV show may be bringing more publicity to the notion than some area golf courses and adult clubs would like. "Inside Edition" yesterday showed blurry images of topless female caddies and beer servers wandering the links at the Virginia National Golf Club near Leesburg and the Hope Valley Golf Course in Mount Airy, Md.

    Shooting footage from a helicopter, the show didn't expose any naked duffers, but did get video of "naked strippers serving booze to golfers," it announced in a press release. Turns out that both courses happened to be hosting events on Aug. 16 featuring topless talent.

    At Virginia National, it supposedly was a charity tournament. Golf director Cliff Boyd told us: "I never saw nakedness, but I didn't go on the golf course." The man who organized that event, Bill Bayne, said: "I'll never do it again." Bayne, who owns Arlington's topless Crystal City Restaurant (slogan: "Home of the Hottest Women in Town"), declined to identify the charity. He also told us, "I didn't see anybody naked" and offered: "A topless bar does a charity and some girls take their tops off -- oh, that's surprising!"

    The same day, Hope Valley was the site of what seems to be a semi-annual event featuring strippers from the Baltimore club Kaos. The golf course did not return our calls, but Kaos manager Bud Winter, asked if strippers were serving as beer maidens, told us: "That could possibly be."

    And wives wonder why golf becomes an obsession for some husbands.
    Yes; we've had tournaments like this in Detroit...often in fact

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    That's an offshoot of the "Best Ball" format...

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    Maybe the U.S. Ryder cup team should have tried it.

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    Have to identify the best balls to hit
    Brian (the devil incarnate)

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