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    Exclamation HTPC links&software resources

    There already is a load of information and software available online that is valuable for use in a HTPC. Here's a list of links and software, and if you know of something yourself, post it and I'll update the list in this post.


    specifically their HTPC forum contains a lot of knowledge on non-SDTV output (HDTV, projector, etc):
    if you want to search their forums, be sure to search their archived stuff too:

    Doom9 forum:
    while I don't think much of Doom9 himself, there are quite a lot of developers of interesting software hanging around on his forums, like the ReClock and some ffdshow developers.

    SPCR & Forum:
    When looking for information on quieteting down your HTPC, SPCR and its forum are very valuable resources

    has some reviews (though often contain a lot of 'marketing speak'), and has a cool gallery for showcasing your HTPC
    UK site with reviews on tv-cards and related sw/hw.
    aka Contains a lot of user experiences on tv tuner/capture cards, as well as standalone DVD players.


    the perfect tool for fixing microstutter as well as converting framerate of video from NTSC film to PAL

    ffdshow is a mpeg4 decoder which can handle practically any mpeg4 format out there, as well as being a superb tool for post-processing video in any DirectShow graph you render.

    easily add borders to video to underscan the video, for use when people hardcode subtitles into the overscan area (EVIL!).

    the ultimate RC configuration software
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