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Thread: PVR Software review: SageTV 2.0

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    With not much news on the Matrox front, there are still uses for any old Matrox card. For example as tv-out in a Home Theater Computer (aka. HTPC).
    For this use, Matrox cards are still much praised because of their superior image quality and features.

    Since hardware capture cards also have dropped in price recently, more and more people put their old hardware to use in the form of one of these HTPCs. With the capable hardware, also comes the need for software to interface with the user for viewing and recording TV broadcasts, as well as managing music and playing DVDs for example.

    As first in a series of PVR software reviews to hit this site, SageTV 2.0 from Frey Technologies has been reviewed by me. Enjoy the read. And post your comments here
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