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    Hi guys, (and gals)
    I have a matrox 550 that I bought for realy cheap in Ebay and I am looking into putting up an htpc.

    does anyone have a 550 (or 450)?
    what is the best htpc software - what do you use?

    does any of them have an option to see the actual interface in dvd-max ?

    do you have any tricks to share??



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    get a remote and configure girder or another rc software to not need the interface at all when in dvd-max mode.

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    Turn around and sell that thing, and find a G400.
    Of the G series, G550 is the worst to use in an HTPC. It's TV-out is really sub-par compared to G400.
    G400 had a dedicated TV-out chip that made it the best TV-O around, that other cards are still measured against it to this day.
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