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Thread: problems with hard drive..?

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    Default problems with hard drive..?

    i turned on my computer this morning, and found this on the quicklaunchmenu:

    the hard drive cant be found in my computer, but its found in bios

    this program, hdd health, say:

    anybody know what this is?

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    Partition info damaged?

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    oh dear, a WD drive. one died on me (well cousin as I don't use WD drives) yesterday, taking his mobo with it
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    Now where did i read about that serious bug with certain WD drive models?And yes,this bug could kill a motherboard.I believe there is a patch/firmware availible for that.Sorry but i cant remember any more details.

    ps. Sorry for the bad english
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    My external WD hard drive crashed on me for no reason. I think the only place I ended up finding it on my system was through Sandra, but even there it knew there was something wrong. I had the 80 gig USB drive, and they replaced it with a 120 gig lighup USB/Serial drive.
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    I hate WD, wont buy anything they produce ever again.
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