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Thread: I'm bloody angry

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    Thank you AZ. No you didn't start anything. Whenever the paint gets scratched, the makeup get scraped off, whatever that is under there comes to the surface. I lost a very good friend in Nottingham and many people have been hurt in all kinds of circumstances, not the least Ant's nephews. Perhaps it is good that these hurts get aired, but the most important thing is to look under ones own paint and makeup, see what is there and begin to find a healing process. Otherwise it is a never ending destructive vicious circle.
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    Just seen on the news another shooting. Possible road rage or mistaken identity. I'd go for mistaken identity and it was a drugs hit.

    Best places to live these days are out of the cities. Less sad evil poeple out there probably becuase they haven't the brain cells to drive there.
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    WTF? How typical to think every white guy is somehow rich, or has no impediments to becoming so very easily just because he is white.. we all can't be sitting there nicely well off like you, mutz, preaching how whites deserve their fate because their ancestors were greedy 300 years ago, while the only whites who suffer are the regular working guys who were never greedy bastards.. certainly not yourself. You remind me very much of my ex-boss.. very nice in his way but also somewhat clueless in life. He's very liberal and does all the anti-Bush jokes and whatnot, but also greedy and rich. I honestly believe he would give money to some vagabond before he would help his own kids along in life in some substantial way. He is the very picture of what is wrongheaded about the liberal way of thinking.. it's so hypocritical and false and treasonous to one's own it makes me absolutely ill. It amazes me that people like this feel they have the right to just give away my future to assuage some misbegotten fake guilt of their own.

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    How are they doing, the article said one was in a bad way?

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    Originally posted by Helevitia
    My co-worker, who is an Indian man from Bombay has told me on many occasions that a lot of people from India believe that America is JUST LIKE THE MOVIES! LMAO! He told me how amazed he was when he got here and found out that it is nothing like the movies. He had this whole vision of fake america in his mind because that is what everyone perceived it to be like.
    Yup, I've seen that before. I have a very attractive friend who spent some time in India. Men there would approach her all the time and expect to be able to sleep with her within 5 minutes because she was American.
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