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Thread: G400Max and i865 Chipset

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    Question G400Max and i865 Chipset

    Hello ya'll
    I've just bought a new P4 3GHz machine with an Intel D865PERL Motherboard.
    I own an early (non A4) G400Max, which was modified by welding the R68 gap.
    At first the combination worked flawlessly with AGP speed of X1 (the board supports X1, X4, X8); But upon installing the Intel INF files, the board automatically switched to X4 and the whole system froze.
    Is there any way I can install Intel's software but keep the board on X1 speed?
    I don’t want to loose those features in the board that are only supported through the Intel software, but it would be a shame to replace this fine card with no need.


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    You should be able to either limit the maximum AGP transfer speed in the BIOS, or use something like the Matrox Tweak utility to limit it in Windows.
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    There is no such option in the BIOS, and in order to use the tweak utility I need to boot the system in non-safemode which means X4.

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    Just boot up in safe mode and set the registry value yourself.

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    Originally posted by Ashley
    Just boot up in safe mode and set the registry value yourself.
    maybe he doesn't know how to, hence the reason for his post!

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    You got me right Ayoub.
    , can you be more specific?

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    You can probably find more detailed instructions using the Search function here, but as I recall you set "AGPFlags" to "1" (string) under 9x/me, and "MGA.AGPflags" to 01 00 00 00 (binary) under NT - under the device's registry key.

    What registry key? It depends on what OS you use. Do a search here for "AGPflags"...

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