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Thread: Parhelia on Longhorn?

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    Default Parhelia on Longhorn?

    Can anyone help me on getting Parhelia's drivers to work with Windows Longhorn Build 4015? When I try to install them I get a message that says the drivers are for XP only.

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    Ask in 1,5 or 2 years (though I doubt you'll have to). Longhorn just isn't out - that's the only answer imho for now.

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    Also, Longhorn b4015 has built-in Parhelia drivers, you would only need to install the Matrox ones if you want to use Powerdesk...and yes, those don't work
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    Yep, Powerdesk is what I was trying to install. No work-around or mods out there? I'd like to see what Longhorn would be like in triple screen.

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    Nah, Longhorn is using .NET 1.1 I think.
    It ain't gonna work even with a mod...
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    Bah at Longhorn. WindowsXP is the last Windows Operating system I'm ever going to use. If it comes down to it, I'll dump windows in a heartbeat and just use linux for everything.

    Wah! Wah!

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