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Thread: Matrox O´cing with Powerstrip

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    Default Matrox O´cing with Powerstrip

    I had a Parhelia Bulk that could be overclocked sucessfully with Powerstrip 3.30 (=PS), but the oc-potential was quite limited.
    Now i bought a Retail version with more potential but there are two problems now:

    1. The default clock of the Parhelia Retail is 200 /500 Mhz according to PS. That would not be matter without problem 2.

    2. If a overclock/underlclock the card the lower quarter part of the display will flicker irregular / unperiodical.
    There is no instability but the disturbing flickering.
    I reinstalled the drivers and PS but both problems are still

    Does someone have the same problem or a solution?
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    That isn't a P Retail you have there, Retail clocks are 220/550

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    Update to a newer build of PS...
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    Your PS could be corrupted... it happened to me (but whole screen flickers).
    Hold down Ctrl before starting PS, it will reset everything to default.
    Worked for me!
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