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Thread: .NET for PowerDesk

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    Thumbs up .NET for PowerDesk

    I have now read a review of Parhelia very bad review and they say that you need Microsoft .NET Framework for PowerDesk installation is this true. It is a very bat review for Matrox

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    Default Those PICS Look Familiar !!!!!

    hey...wait a minuet!!! those pics look familiar, click here, and here .

    i cant read the review itself(..language barrier) and i guess that it could be that the two folks here that these pictures link to... contributed to this article???

    as far as .NET...yes it is true that you need it for!! what is supposedly wrong with it?? there is an SP1 for .NET and at least one 'security patch'.

    i don't know anything about .NET technically, but i do like the interface and from a support standpoint it is supposed to be easier to write drivers, whoooray for .NET !!!!!

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    This IS pretty suspicious... I think they have been stealing a few picts here and there...

    Can someone comment about it ?

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    It is a very unprofesional review by my opinion. they havent event setup the FAA and had poor driver. They say that ist a card for Martrox fanatic and it is not as good as GF3 200

    some text from review:

    from architecture it is like ATI Radeon 9700 but has only 20-30% power ...

    and so ..

    sorry fom my english :-))

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    Well what did you expect? It's no comment.
    Someday, we'll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject.

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    I don't now . May be som review . I now that they have some problems (every time) whit previews.

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    I've been coding in .NET (C# and C++.NET) for a couple of months now and I must say it's the best thing to happen to programming since VC6.

    You can mix the .NET languages freely in your code.
    You could have your Main in C#, some functions/classes needing pointers written in either Managed or Unmanaged C++, some GUI code in VB.NET.

    It's fun to code in and it has an (optionally) automatic garbage collector.

    .NET has really increased my productivity.

    About the framework, 20MB aren't that big, even on modem. And if one considers that it is on Windows Update and are probably included in SP1 to XP most people will have it sooner or later.
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    Originally posted by Zao
    About the framework, 20MB aren't that big, even on modem. And if one considers that it is on Windows Update and are probably included in SP1 to XP most people will have it sooner or later.
    Also .net is included on the drivers CD (which also comes for bulk versions), and I think somekind of update is also there, though I am not sure if that's just a security patch or an actual servicepack.
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