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Thread: VT 3.1b upgrade help

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    Question VT 3.1b upgrade help

    Good Morning I am about to upgrade my VT from 3.0 to 3.1b and am unsure how to proceed. My system has been so good that I haven't had the opportunity to learn much about negotiating my way around. (Thank goodness). Are there instructions for uninstalling and installing the new set in one place anywhere? On my G400-TV I had to do display drivers and VTs as a set. Is this different. I am running W2k with RT 2000. (I'm not very versed in W2K either as my other set up was in 98se.) If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Thanks Leslie

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    Just use the Video Tools menu item to uninstall 3.0. Install 3.1b after the mandatory reboot. I had no problems with the upgrade on my RT-2000.

    If you're the paranoid type you might want to do a system drive backup so you can go back to 3.0 if necessary.

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    Exclamation error while uninstalling VTs

    Hi I have started to uninstall VT 3.0 (RT2000) so I can upgrade to 3.1b and got the following message:
    "One or more files did not properly self register.
    The following files did not self-register.
    a dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed."

    Has anyone seen this or know what it implies I don't know whether to Select OK to continue anyway or Cancel.

    Thanks Leslie

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    The original installation may not have ben done correctly sooo, I suggest you continue with the installation then uninstall and again reinstall.

    This way you'll make sure all files are completely gone and reinstalled properly.

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