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Thread: Need help with G200 BIOS

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    Default Need help with G200 BIOS

    I have a MGA-G200 that propably has the BIOS somehow screwd up...
    The problem is that the card won't output anything during post.

    The motherboard is the Asus P5A with Ali Alladin V chipset.

    I tried updating the BIOS with the BIOS utility but it gives an error: Unable to get eeprom information.

    The BIOS at the moment is 2.3-11 according to the utility

    I also tried running the diagnostic tool and it gave the following error: Primary BIOS not identified

    And no, I do not have a BIOS recovery disk...sorry

    Is there any way to repair the damage that has been done?

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    Try the restore bios utility on the matrox website

    "For G100, G200 and G400 series graphics cards only.
    This utility will restore your Matrox Graphics card's BIOS to the factory settings. Please read the readme file before downloading."
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    Default No luck with bios recovery disk

    Tried the BIOS recovery disk and recognizes the g200 ok but says: flash failed..

    I'm starting to think that the card is useless...

    I'm open to any suggestions though

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    Default No luck with BIOSPROG

    Tried updating the BIOS with BIOSPROG but no luck. it just wouldn't flash. Gave an error and instructions to send the error message to some email adress. I give up...
    Thanks for the help anyway

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