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    Default FAQ Forum info

    Only Moderators and Administrators can post here visibly.

    That doesn't mean that any post you make here will go unnoticed. We can/will check your posts made, and make them visible if they're relevant for this forum.

    Please only post information that helps others in finding a solution to a problem: that's what this forum is for.
    If you're looking for a solution yourself, please post in the relevant forum (we've received far too many posts like this already in this forum).

    If you don't see a thread in this forum, it doesn't automatically mean that there's no solution to a problem.

    Please do a search on keywords of the problem/solution in this forum, or on all forums as well, since older threads disappear from the list, but still remain in the forum database.

    While we endeavour to check everything contained in these faqs, most of it is provided by users of this board and these solutions have worked for them, we hold no responsibility if they do not work for you or damage your system.

    - the moderators
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