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Thread: Installing Via 4 in 1 drivers

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    Angry g550 opengl and d3d problems

    I was using a g400 (single head 32 Mb) and it worked just fine playing almost all games.

    I just replaced the g400 with a g550 and I cant play any of my favorite games at all.

    OpenGL games simply tell me that they cant initialize an OpenGL surface and D3D games run painfully slow (less than 5 fps).

    I used the matrox uninstall utility to remove all of the old drivers first.

    Any advice would be very appreciated....

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    1. Goto control panel and use the add/remove Matrox Graphics software.
    2. Reboot directly into safe mode.
    3. Go into device manager and delete all display adapters and monitors.
    4. Reboot and go in your system BIOS.
    5. Be sure that USB is enabled, PNP OS set to YES, Assign IRQ to VGA enabled and AGP aperture size set to 256 or the highest.
    6. Boot in normal mode.
    7. Upon detection of the card install drivers for standard VGA adapter from windows list only. Do not install Matrox drivers at this point.
    8. Install the latest 4 in 1 patch rev 4.33 from VIAs website
    9. Reboot.
    10. Install the latest Matrox drivers
    11. reboot and configure as needed.

    You may also want to grab MTST Utility for a bit of tweaking if neccessary.

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