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    Thumbs up Information Technology Website

    Given some of the other discussion on the MURC message boards, it seems a lot of members are interested in general IT issues.

    I recently started a new IT news/discussion site with a friend that I think some of you may like. It is called rantITraveIT and it's URL is The most important part of the site is the member forums, which you can access at any time by clicking "Share IT" in the lower-right corner.

    If you're interested, please do check it out, and feel free to let me know what you think. There are some interesting threads already going in the forums, so perhaps you will find something that you would like to comment on. Be sure to pass the site along to your friends that would be interested too!

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    As far as I can tell your forum is another one of those AMD vs Intel things .... especially one guy ! ( **pulp****) which is SAD !
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    Talking Maybe in part... yes

    Thanks for visiting the site, and for the feedback!

    Sure, AMD vs. Intel is one facet, but did you look at the security forum? There is a huge discussion in there that doesn't even mention AMD or Intel. AMD and Intel have made the site a few times so quickly because they are big news right now. Further, I would point out that I have bashed AMD almost as much as Intel over their recent naming / marketing decision. It's really not one vs. the other as much as just considering the strange things that each of them is doing.

    Hey, one particular site won't be right for everyone, nor will everyone agree with everything that one site says. I would just request that people not get hung up on one particular topic that they don't agree with or want to discuss. As the member diversity increases, so will the discussion, I'm sure.

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    Default 2 months later...

    I don't know what made me think of it, but I remembered this thread here and I just wanted to come back, now that it's been 2 months, and see if your feelings were still the same. Things have changed quite a bit at my site since this was originally posted, and I just thought I'd inquire.

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