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Thread: DirectX8.0a and 8.1 Bug

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    Lightbulb DirectX8.0a and 8.1 Bug

    Microsoft left debug mode on in 8 and 8a for Direct sound. That is eating up cpu cycles from hell having that on, not to mention software/hardware conflicts that it can create. Well I hope this helps some people. This will cure many ailments.

    Extract to Windows/System then go to Control Panel click on the Dx applet go to the Direct sound tab and slide the debug slider all the way to the left <<<<< to disable debug mode. It will work w/ 8.1 but I believe debug is off w/ that version. Microsoft rememberd to check.

    May help for those experiencing crippling stutter-chop problems and using DirectX 8.x. I know several posters claim games runs better with DirectX 7 than DirectX 8. Could this be part of the reason and will the fix alleviate the problem?

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    I have done this some time ago, but it didn't change anything for me.


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    It helps a lot for those that have Via boards and SBlives. It seems to solve a lot of the crackling and in some cases solves the freezing as well.
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    I tried shutting off the audio debugging on my system as soon as I read this thread, and it has actually solved most of the random crackling I get in my system (SBlive, VIA686b, Win2k). As for random freezing, I only encounter that when I use AOL Instant Messenger.
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