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Thread: New Motherboard and Win2K Server

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    Lightbulb New Motherboard and Win2K Server

    Over the years I've created quite a collection of computers in my home and I've got them all networked. I'm looking into building a new system with a dual processor motherboard to run Win2K Server to control my network and such. So I have two questions:

    Does a dual processor motherboard really make that much of a difference? (I'm looking at getting the Asus CUV4X-D with two 1 Ghz Pentium III processors with 512 MB RAM)

    Can the RT2000 work with Win2K Server?

    Right now I'm running Win2k Pro with a TBird 900, Asus A7V and 256 MB RAM. I've got a 40 GB RAID on a Promise Fasttrak along with a 20 GB system drive and a 15 GB misc. drive.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I think dual CPU for a "home network server" is serious overkill unless you are planing to move to "windows termial services" instead of using normal apps with network mapped drives.

    I use Linux for my file server. I got a dual Pentium Pro 200 cheap but before that I was using an single Pentium Pro 200 and network drives are pretty much the same speed as local drives over my 100BaseTX switched net. I got the dual because I wanted to play with the improved SMP in 2.4.x kernels, not because I needed it. After the "upgrade" (single PPro200 2.2.x to dual PPro 200 2.4.x) I'd say there is no diference for normal file sharing. A few things seem slower, a few faster, but not for the playing with the new stuff factor, I'd rate it a total waste of time wrt to what I need the system to do.

    I'd take your slowest (decent) machine and make it the server, Use the dual CPU for W2K workstation and your day to day computer use. This is where you'll see the benefits, if like me, you keep lots of applications open and switch back and forth constantly.

    Be aware that some older drivers are poorly written and block both CPUs -- my Umax parallel port flatbed scanner, I don't use it much but when scanning the box is pretty much unusable for anything else.

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