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    OK, I'm going nuts trying to figure out what I need to buy here. I've been convinced that I want
    - some sort of (mini-)DV capture card
    - some software that lets me edit and do at least the BASIC effects & titling (does the
    reduced Adobe Premiere offer this?)
    - to pay less than around 700 bucks

    Is this just a pipedream? What combination will make me happy here? I've been surfing for hours between yesterday and today and just can't come to any solid conclusions. Either the bundle (eg. raptor) is too pricey, or the software seems really cheap, or people mention problems with input, frame-dropping etc. Then again I'm in Europe so maybe the frame-thing is solved...?

    What's a reliable but simple solution? Can I find the answer on the web (or from you) ro do I have to spend evenings and the weekend browsing computer stores??

    Thanks a lot, Adrian

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    Have you looked at the Pyro Pro bundle. DV card, MSP6, and Cool 3D, Hash Animation Master 2000, Sound Forge XP 4.5, Sonic Foundry ACID Style 2.0, Boris FX Ltd., Pixelan Software's SpiceMaster Lite, and DV Suite. It's MSRP in the US is $399.

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    Depends on your camera and what you want to do with your edited signal.

    If your camera has DV out (and not DV in, probable in Europe), importing into the computer via, say, Pyro seems a good bet. If not, a Marvel seems a good bet to bring it in analogically.

    You can start editing with MSPro 6, possibly the VE version, which now seems a good bet.

    This will take your edited video to a hard drive, if all goes well. So what do you want to do with it from there? The most usual seems to be to record it on a VHS tape, and the Marvel does that very well in PAL.

    You should get that lot within your budget, if you shop around (see what's bundled with your hardware) and it will do 99,99% of what you are likely to need to do. You can probably work around the other 0,01%.

    Brian (the terrible)

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