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Thread: Matrox Millennium G550: Matrox's Next-Generation chip arrives

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    Should this be here or in the Matrox hardware forum?
    <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Matrox is looking to send us a G550 evaluation card in the coming weeks, however as you can probably tell we have not been overly impressed with the technology. The redeeming qualities of the G550 are its excellent 2D (supposedly improved slightly over the G450) and its DualHead multi-monitor display both of which were provided with the G450.

    Matrox’s HeadCasting technology is interesting for low-bandwidth users however it is entirely too artificial for conducting real business over the net. Matrox states that the G550’s HeadCasting technology enables “professionals to establish stronger relationships with partners, contacts and clients…” but we believe that a 3D model of your talking head isn’t going to help close many deals in the business world. Plus, how many businesses that need this sort of communication don’t have relatively high bandwidth connections to the internet thus allowing conventional video conferencing to work just fine?

    The biggest shortcoming of Matrox’s HeadCasting technology is that it requires that both ends of the communication line have a G550 card. At this point it’s assuming a little too much from the market to be that accepting of the G550.

    The G550 can be sold based on the solid 2D and DualHead that were introduced with the G450, but convincing corporations or even just home users that HeadCasting technology is a feature they need to have is going to be a tough task for Matrox’s marketing department. With DualHead you could offer increased productivity, and EMBM was captivating to the gaming audience but HeadCasting is going to be a very tough sell for Matrox.

    If it weren’t for the $125 price tag of the card there would be no reason to consider it, but at that price point it is reasonable if all you’re concerned about is good 2D and multi-monitor support. Assuming history repeats itself Linux support could be another reason to consider the G550 as the G450 was a success under Linux. The G550 shouldn’t cost much more than a G450 to manufacture if the die sizes are relatively similar, making it unlikely that the G450 will drop too far in price because of the G550’s release.

    It’s interesting how the graphics market has changed since Matrox released the G400, but the one thing that is important to note is that all of the surviving companies in the graphics market are using new chip designs other than what they had two years ago. It’s time for Matrox to do the same; hopefully for Matrox’s sake, their elusive DX8 part will eventually surface.


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    Yes, we know.

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    Ups did not notice the other tread in the m hardware forum!

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