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Thread: Using offline computers

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    Question Using offline computers

    I have just got the opportunity to use a couple of machines at a location with a local area network but no internet connection. I go there daily and it would be no problem to bring a CDRW with new units and to take home the results. At home I have a nice internet connection, so I could download new units at home. Is there a simple way of having a number of clients running, connecting to a server that maintains a pool of units (supplied by me from a CDRW) and also stores results? I know that setiQ can do the server part, but how would I get units downloaded and how do I pass them to the server? Another instance of setiQ at home?

    Any suggestions?

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    Yea, I suppose you could run SetiQ off the CDRW for a week at a time, and only take it home to upload the units - possibly have 2 disks to swap and prevent any lost processing time.

    Alternatively you could use batches, but if you're happy with the 1st suggestion go with that. (well, really a refinement of your suggestion!)


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    SetiDriver should also do the trick, I use this for all of my seti clients.

    If you are using a cd-rom to transport the files make sure they aren't converted to ro as seti doesn't like it when this happens.


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    ro = Read Only

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