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    Exclamation GENOME FAQS.

    Genome? Genome

    Paul (Pace) made this post in one of the above threads, helping you as well:

    Just to make this into perfect material for Jord's FAQ's, I thought I'd add some more links!

    Genome@home website
    Signup and Download
    GAH's own FAQ
    And early info page I've put up

    And of course, possibly the main thing, once you've downloaded the client and have your username, put in 633096920 as the team number, so you'll be crunching for MURC! (note: username can't be altered, and is case sensitive!)


    Hope you now know

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    On Guru's request, here's a link to the OCN forum, with the solution to add proxy support to Genome

    OCN link


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    If you haven't seen it yet, Genome@Home has it's new version 0.98 out. For more information about this client check these FAQs about it.

    And it comes with a couple of switches you can add to it to run more stable.

    Just open up a text-editor (Notepad) and add:

    @echo off
    call ghclient.exe -{switch}

    and save this file with the extension .bat in your genome-folder, making it an executable batchfile.

    Okay, the switches explained:
    • -config: Runs the initial configuration step of the client, to allow users to change their username, etc.
    • -upload: Uploads all completed results, then shuts down.
    • -clear: Deletes any corrupt work units which are crashing the client, and restarts.
    • -nonet: Reruns a current work unit indefinitely, without attempting to make a network connection.

    I've got one batchfile called ghclient.bat and one upload.bat in my genome folders.

    <u>The ghclient.bat consists of:</u>
    @echo off
    call ghclient.exe -nonet

    <u>The upload.bat consists of:</u>
    @echo off
    call ghclient.exe -upload

    If you're running the upload.bat at the same time as the ghclient.bat, you will have to press full yes to let the client know you want to start an additional client. After it uploaded everything, this client will stop, and you can close it's window.

    Hope this will help


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    Addition to the last post:

    If you're sick and tired of running a 68aa protein using the -nonet batchfile above, just start up the ghclient.exe and type the full yes to tell it to start. It will check, and if it finds any complete genes, it will upload them, and then download a new protein for you.
    (If it starts the filter: Quit the filtering of this protein after it has reached the end of filtering, or the client will stay in memory if you're using Win9x/ME !!)It will put this new protein in your genome folder as input2.pdf and the next time your batchfile program ends the last 68aa protein, it will start filtering the new one and crunch that.

    If you can't wait though, setup this batchfile:
    @echo off
    call ghclient.exe -clear

    Name it clear.bat and start it after you killed the -nonet batchfile. It will rid you of the old 68aa protein and check if you have another one to crunch. If not, it will download a new one and start ghclient again. Do know that this is ghclient without -nonet, so keep an eye on it until it crunched the first gene, then kill it, then start your -nonet version


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