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Thread: Links for the C64 fans

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    I am a C64 fan, to be sure. And I gathered a couple of links to C64 fansites, to SIDplayers and to other things. If you're a non-C64 fan, you clicked the wrong link in this FAQ forum <hr>First off the Sidplug that you use to listen to music from C64 fansites. Without it you'll hear nothing. This plug also works in Mozilla !!<hr>The Sidplay homepage. With lots of links to other pages.<hr>The Binary Zone Interactive homepage from my good buddy Jason "Kenz" Mackenzie. Very colourfull, huh?
    Although his new job at a TV station takes up a lot of his time, I hope he'll continue this page as a pass time <hr>The C64.CH pages with news, demos and more. <hr>The HVSC is found at BackintimeLive
    All your favorite SID tunes piled into one zip file.<hr>

    I'll add more info and links in the future. That's a promise


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    Default More links

    Okay, an old promise, a renewal of it.
    These links do not point to warez sites though!!

    C64 Games & Emulators is a great site, with just about every game you can imagine in .T64 (tape) or D64 (disk) format.

    CCS64 is home of one of the best emulators.

    Don't under-estimated the name of the site Lemon 64. They have one of the biggest Cartridge collections. Not only for the C64 !!

    More links to come.

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    Default Last Ninja series

    Any Last Ninja fans here?

    Do you want the latest news about Last Ninja 4?
    Do you want to fight big ass monstruous Spiders??

    The Last Ninja Archives. It will be for the PC and a couple of other platforms.

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