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    Thumbs up Grand Prix 3

    Okay, here's something for you to hack through if you ever come to this situation. If you use Dual Head, and install Grand Prix 3, then disable Dual Head, you will find that GP3 doesn't work too good anymore (dumping you back to the desktop or very slow gameplay)

    How to get over this? You could uninstall the game and reinstall the game (like I did before I found this out... ). But easier is to make a copy of and edit the file gconfig.txt

    In here you'll find one entry of the software driver, and 2 entries of the G400 Dual Head. Just delete one of the entries, restart the game and recallibrate the graphics card. That's all to it


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    Needing lots of links and things to download? Like the 2000 specs, adverts, tracks and all that?



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