Before people tell me it's hidden inside the other thread, "How to flash your Gx00's BIOS" and that they therefor can't find it, here's the rundown about how to use the Matrox Graphics card Recovery Utility

Goto the MURC Utilities download page and pick up the BIOS Reset Utility. Save it to a directory/folder like c:\mgarecov (8 characters is easier to use in DOS)

Doubleclick the BIOS Reset Utility file, and if you have Winzip, it will open up the file. (If not, get Winzip from a site like

Press extract and type in the folder where you want the contents to be unpacked in (same as the file is in is useful, so type in c:\mgarecov). Do so and close Winzip.

Then we'll follow the extract from the English readme file from Matrox:

<u>BIOS Reset Utility</u>
Matrox Recover Utility MATROX GRAPHICS INC. 22.12.1999


Instructions to create a recovery boot diskette for Matrox G-series graphic cards.

Usage of the recovery boot diskette

Creating a recovery boot diskette

1. Copy recover.exe to a new directory e.g. c:\mgarecov
2. Extract the file by double-clicking the recover.exe file

Recover.exe contains:

3. Go to MS-DOS prompt
4. Insert a diskette into the floppy drive
5. Execute RUNME.BAT e.g. C:\MGARECOV\RUNME (Enter)
6. Please follow the instructions given

Usage of the recovery boot diskette

1. Insert the recovery boot diskette into the floppy drive A.
2. Boot the computer
3. During the complete recovery process DO NOT shut down your computer
although there is NO display on your monitor.
4. The computer will reboot automatically after which the monitor display should
function again.
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________

That should be self-explaining

If your BIOS has died already (so you see nothing on screen )and you have only one PC, plug in your old PCI or AGP VGA card and make the recovery diskette. Then plug in your defective Gx00 and reboot your PC with the recovery diskette in the PC. (See the rest again above)


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