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Thread: Overclocking sites on the Internet.

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    Exclamation Overclocking sites on the Internet.

    By popular demand Still the site everyone peeks into once and again

    Tom's OC Pages Although Tom might be wrong on alot of other stuff, and might be wrong here, it still makes for some reading up to do

    Sharky Extreme's Celeron OC'ing And some Celeron Overclocking.

    There's probably more sites out there, so tell me about them and I'll add them here!


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    Thanks to Lmg for this list

    I copied your post, Lee.

    "you want links to o/c sites heres a few, with a bit of everything else in there for good measure, all of these came from the links page of with a few removed for taste reasons

    3D Accelerated
    AMD Zone
    Ace's Hardware
    Alcove Tech
    BX Boards
    CPU Review
    Cyberathlete Professional League
    FPS 3D
    Hardware Extreme
    Hardware One
    Hot Hardware
    Maximum Hardware
    Overclockers Shootout
    Overclockers.Com OZ
    Overclocking DK
    PC Insight
    Singapore Hardware Zone
    The Heatsink Guide
    Tomato Overclockers
    Tweak Files
    Tweak Town
    Unlimited Hardware

    keep you going for a while me thinks


    Thanks !!


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