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Thread: What's this ? A new forum ? (Test Forum)

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    Post What's this ? A new forum ? (Test Forum)

    look below Distributed@MURC

    Test Forum

    Is this a moderator only forum ?

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    It's been there for many months

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    Andrei... As LS said, it's been there for many months. It's not a moderator forum, as far as I know, or I must have been excluded

    It's there to make the forum beter, leaner, meaner and probably change servers soon


    It's all so fearless now
    Now the dust has settled down
    It's time to say goodbye
    To the lives I touched and left behind
    But through this melody and rhyme
    I will find some comfort here.

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    I asked if it's moderator only because I can't access it.

    "P R I V A T E F O R U M
    You are attempting to access a private forum. Please identify yourself below. Note that this identification screen will only be required once per browser session (per private forum, if you are accessing via forum passwords), assuming you allow cookies to be stored. We will store your private forum access privileges as a cookie (thus, we highly recommend that you do not disable your cookies in your browser!)."

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    I'm a mod, as far as I know... but no, it's not mod only, it's administrator only


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    I'm an admin?

    HEY Rags, Joel, et al...we're admins!

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    Any idea when the new layout will be introduced?

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    5/2 on it's when Ant moves server
    1/1 it's when GA mix up the server details
    10/1 against it's when Bill Gates releases IE7 next week, and there's actually a new technology to render pages without actually (insert something funny here)


    However, it would appear that we have to be a cheeky mod to get priveleges


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