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Thread: Boomstick pics

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    Talking Boomstick pics

    I always thought it was funny that you guys tal about boomsticks since I actually have a *REAL* boomstick of my own

    The barrel to the right is a boomstick:

    Also, here is a URL to my website which shows pics of my paitnball gun and pics of my boomstick

    Second pic down, bottom barrel is my boomstick:


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    oh no another paint ball nut. (you know paintball is responsable for all these highschool shootings. (just kidding)

    real nice paint weapon there helevitia

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    No no NO NO NO!

    Listen up! THIS (dramatic pause) is my BOOOM STICK! Remington 12-gauge, S-Mart's top of the line! This baby retails for about $129.99. That's right. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart! It's got a walnut stock, cobalt blue-steel, and a hair trigger.

    Etc. etc.

    Listen up, you primitive screwheads! See this? This is my BOOMSTICK! Etc. etc.

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