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Thread: Powerdesk NT - MGABG 20% CPU time

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    Cool Powerdesk NT - MGABG 20% CPU time

    every release of Powerdesk NT seems to install and run at startup a program called MGABG and according and generally causes my PC to slow up because (according to Task Manager) it permanently consumes 20% of the CPU's time.

    what is the purpose of this program?

    I've removed it from loading from HKEY\Local Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Run and by not having it run it doesn't appear to have caused any ill effects.

    Andrew Welch

    Supermicro P6DBE board
    Dual PII 400mhz
    Matrox Millennium G200 16MB
    Intel Pro 100+ ethernet
    Soundblaster Live 1024
    128MB PC100 SDRAM
    Pioneer 6x DVDROM
    Mitsumi 4801TE CDR
    Fujitsu 10.2GB EIDE
    Western Digital 3.2GB EIDE
    Windows 98 SE
    Windows NT4 SP6a

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    Beat ya. Took 30% CPU timne on my system

    I asked the very same question after it took over my system (asked on Matrox Hardware Forum) and apparently MGABG.EXE prevents a Bios corruption which Matrox denies happens, but still writes code (MGABG.EXE) to stop it hapenning - you figure. You'll be pleased to know it's still in W2K drivers too I was told. I also removed it as you did without any problems so far.

    I'm glad it's not just me it picked on. It didn't seem to do it all the time, just once I noticed it because I was raytracing and my machine started crawling.

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