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Thread: Powerdesk 5.30 and Vidtools 1.51 bug thread...

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    Post Powerdesk 5.30 and Vidtools 1.51 bug thread...

    Hi, ive started this, so hopefully the powers that be will read it and try to implement fixes inthe next driver release, that way they wont have to go searching around the fourms for info :O)

    My own contribution to the list are 2-fold

    Mjpegs, there fine but if i load up remote conrtol and make it dull size, i get a green screen and jitters.
    conversly, if i reinstall.. and try remote its fine. but when i play mjpegs i get green screen jitter on them?
    (only on monitor not to tv)
    a minor inconvenience but still shouldnt happen.

    I cannot run scratchpad in ulead media studio and Pdesk at the same time, i have no idea why it always worked fine with my Marvel G200 but i didnt try these latest drivers then (i now have a G400 Marvel)

    The scrathpad locks up when you play an mjpeg file through it and i lose control of playback until file is played through once.
    it displays one frame on the pad (usually the firsy) though sound continues.

    this bugged me for weeks until help at the forum suggested shutting down otherprograms in the background and pdesk was the cause.

    i have it set so there is no shortcut on the start bar and no auto load-in at start up but its still there?
    anyway i ctrl/alt/delete and shut down powerdesk then all is fine

    I contactec Ulead on the matter and they added my fix to there website, they arnt sure why it happens either..
    any how apart from that the tools are fine,
    minor glithces in UT in d3d but i assume all that is allready being worked on
    Roll on next driver release AND even more 3d improvents..

    what other probs have people experinved using 5.30?

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    Win98 + Powerdesk 5.30 + DirectX 7.0 = broken OpenGL

    eg. OpenGL screensavers broken.

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